Services Offered

With our extensive expertise and experience in the environmental consulting field, we are ideally placed to provide high-level and in-depth input into broad-scale assessments and planning. View our extensive range of services.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

An Environmental Impact Assessment is a pro-active and systematic process whereby the environmental impacts (both positive and negative) of a proposed development are thoroughly assessed and evaluated. The National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) requires that an EIA be carried out by an independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner for a wide range of identified activities. The Environmental Partnership handles all aspects of the EIA process, including public consultation requirements.

Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs)

Strategic Environmental Assessments are broad-scale, systematic assessments which inform developments and assist in developing planning frameworks. The Environmental Partnership has completed several Strategic Environmental Assessments to date, including a SEA of the Central Karoo District Municipality, and a SEA of the Klipfontein Bus Rapid Transit Corridor in Cape Town.

Strategic Input & Advice

With our extensive expertise and experience in the environmental field, we are ideally placed to provide high-level and in-depth input into broad-scale assessments and planning. The Environmental Partnership has consulted on environmental aspects for the National Ports Authority Assessment, as well as for several strategic studies for the Western Cape Human Settlements Department and the City of Cape Town’s Properties Department.


Atmospheric Emissions Licences

The National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act regulates a licencing system for industrial and commercial activities that produce emissions. We have expertise in conducting Atmospheric Emissions Licence application processes for a variety of enterprises.

Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)

Environmental Management Plans or Programmes are required for the construction and operational phases of any development for which an Environmental Impact Assessment, or EIA, is needed. Planning approvals may also require the preparation of an EMP. The Environmental Partnership has more than 23 years of experience in compiling Construction and Operational EMPs for airports, stadiums, film studios, housing developments, major roads, landfill sites, and many more. We can also provide experienced Environmental Control Officers (ECOs) to carry out on-site monitoring for EMP adherence.

Waste Management Licences (WMLs)

A Waste Management Licence is required for a wide range of waste management activities listed in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act. An application for a Waste Management Licence requires either a Basic Assessment process or a Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment process depending on the nature and scale of the activities. The Environmental Partnership has considerable experience and expertise in preparing WML applications and in conducting the necessary EIA process, including comprehensive public participation.


Facilitation of Public Meetings and Stakeholder Engagement

The Environmental Partnership has considerable experience in conducting public participation and stakeholder consultation, both within and outside of statutory processes such as Environmental Impact Assessment. We recently conducted stakeholder engagement processes for the Eden and Cape Winelands District Integrated Transport Plans, in addition to more than 16 years of Environmental Impact Assessment public participation processes.


Environmental Management Systems (EMSs)

An Environmental Management System is a framework that helps an organization achieve its environmental goals through consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of its environmental performance. The Environmental Partnership is experienced in the application of the ISO 14001 standard, helping companies of various sizes gain a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders.

Environmental Control Officers for Construction Monitoring

We are able to provide experienced and qualified Environmental Control Officers to monitor the construction phase of developments and assist with the implementation of Environmental Management Plans.


Peer Review and Evaluation

To ensure fairness, accuracy and defensibility, we are able to review and evaluate all forms of environmental reporting and processes conducted by other consultants

Environmental Training

We conduct on-site training and inductions on environmental awareness, Environmental Management Plans, and compliance for project teams, site staff, and construction workers to ensure compliance. Our training programmes can be customised according to client specifications.

Environmental Management Frameworks (EMFs)

An Environmental Management Framework is a study of the biophysical and socio-cultural systems of a geographically defined area to reveal where specific land uses may best be practised and to offer performance standards for maintaining appropriate use of such land.